truenyc was created through the inspiration and the taste of its founder and designer Giuseppe Mistrazzoso. The history of the Brand goes back to the origins of G.M., in the little town where he grew up, in the hinterland of Sicily, who since childhood was passionate about observing local tailors while creating clothes.

He started loving the art of tailoring, learning and practicing the knowledge about different textiles in all their forms. His talent and passion grew with him in those workshops. Something special characterized that place, where everything is still handcrafted as something inestimable. In this way Giuseppe learned the art of tailoring. Listening, observing, working, experimenting and inventing. As soon as he was of age, he left his land with his knowledge and expertise, not knowing what was awaiting him outside the small reality of his home town.

He started travelling around Italy, getting in touch with several different faces of the fashion world. It was the ‘80s, the most bright and carefree of the past millennium. Music, fashion, lifestyle: everything was shining as never before. However, after a long experience in the fashion world, the desire to create a personal brand reflecting his idea was becoming more and more a necessity.

He therefore decided to go across the ocean and began an inspirational search path in the USA. It’s in the New York avenues that his creative mind started to imagine and collect inspirations. Truenyc was born in that journey, in New York, where the traditional knowledge had been enriched by the new trends and had become contemporary.

His talent found natural vocation In Trousers which eventually distinguished him and his brand. Over the years, Giuseppe’s creations became more and more numerous turning it into a full collection, in which classical canons are matched with new styles and demands. Versatile clothes, with a metropolitan taste and perfect fitting, made in the traditional way to be worn anytime.